4 Engaging Tracks For Your Fall Weekend

Max Garcia Conover – “Self Portrait”

This songwriter gives us all the feels. His storytelling and clever lyrical content remind us of a Bob Dylan B-side while his vocals range somewhere in Ron Gallo territory. “Self Portrait” is a criminally short track but it succeeds in the scarce space it commands. Nostalgic and unflinching, the artist recalls memories like a more seasoned and upbeat version of Holden Caulfield. His album Motorhome is definitely worth checking out if you love Dylanesque narrative tracks.

Jordan Klassen – “Housefly”

This track comes off his new Big Intruder album and is an interesting exploration of folkish songwriting. Crafting a track with a steady electronic element in the background, Klassen creates something that is almost otherworldly within the brief track. Think Noah and the Whale meets a more grounded Sufjan Stevens. The result is a compelling sound from the Canadian songwriter with an impressive musical resume that will only continue to impress.

Delacey – “Nothing Lasts Forever”

It speaks volumes that Delacey was able to grab our hearts immediately. Electro pop tends to be something we are flooded with, so it is easy to be a pessimist. Yet, to her credit, she is able to mix traditional piano driven songwriting with the more electro sounds in a way that appears seamless. It is a refreshing creation that is as intriguing as it is catchy. This is the Orange County artists debut single, but she has worked with plenty of big name acts including The Chainsmokers.

Trenton – “Don’t Hide Yourself”

It is impossible to name all the acts influenced at some level by U2. This track is a refreshing take on the stadium-sized anthems that make the Dublin boys great. Trenton have the rare talent to draw listeners into their songwriting narrative in a way where you escape time and space. The dynamic vocals and enduring piano stand out in what is sure to catapult them into the indie consciousness for years to come. The third single from their upcoming EP might just be their best.

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