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When we invented New Music Friday as a regular feature on the site, we hoped that artists would become more engaged without content and have an interest in promoting. It worked! These articles are far and away our best performing content for total views. But do you stay and read more? Do you listen to other artists, or are you just here because your friend’s band is on the list? Please stick around. We’d love to introduce you to more great music.

Carousel – “Porcelain”
-If you’re a fan of harmonic folk music, Carousel is right up your alley. I can’t help but use the qualifier “gentle” with this band. The composition and style just feels really gentle and sweet. I feel like easing back into a hammock or something. Beautiful.

Les Friction – “Firewall”
-Maybe “epic” is an overused term in entertainment, but the strings in this composition give it a really epic feel. “You will see me now… this is my world now!” It sounds a bit like a villain’s anthem in an action movie. But really the lyrics seem to be inspiring people to stand up for the truth against the evil in the world. It’s complicated and intriguing.

Eamon – “I Got Soul”
-Soul music is sometimes hard to “get” because there’s a lot of music that tries (and fails) to fit the genre. But Eamon… this dude… this dude got SOUL. I mean even if you ignored the lyrics, you can hear it in his voice. If you miss the days of Otis Redding and that classic soul era, definitely give Eamon a listen. He’s got SOUL.

Wes Youssi – “High Time”
-Classic country music is hard to replicate. Whether it’s the production of Chet Atkins or the overall style of those twangy electric guitars, it’s rare to find an artist that can write music in the vein of George Jones. But Wes Youssi has written that caliber of song, ready to get people out on the dancefloor with that perfect mix of “pep” and sincerity.

Youth – “Hey, Carolina”
-My note on Youth says “chill indie rock.” The vibe of this track is relaxing for sure. It’s a direct message to a girl, but it comes across with a timelessness to it. Something about the guitars and overall composition feels like another artist with a famous song about Carolina – one Ryan Adams. This is a cool track.

Joe Traxler – “Cherry Blossom”
-Joe Traxler’s artistry is absolutely pure. You can hear the perfect balance between the acoustic guitar and his thoughtfully delivered vocals. The overall structure is poetic and satisfying. If you like contemplative singer songwriters (and you do if you’re here), then you’ll really appreciate this song.

Half/Brother – “The Late Great Townes Van Zandt”
-This is a wonderful folk song. Half/Brother’s ode to Townes Van Zandt even feels like a Townes song. If it’s any consolation how I feel about this song, I just tweeted it directly to Steve Earle, one of the last few Townes experts on the planet. Yep, it’s that good. It’s not so much the performance as it is the spirit of the thing. He nailed it.

The Blue – “Petunia”
-This creative song has blues and Americana flair to it. The harmonies are sneaky good. But more than anything, it has a sultriness that pulls the listener in. I can picture this one somewhere down on Frenchman Street, bringing in the alley cats from all around NOLA. It’s saucy and I dig it.

The Skullers – “Pressure Face”
-Here’s a blues rock song with some real grit and attitude. It’s about stress and dealing with difficulties in life. But more than anything, it shows off quality vocals and wrestles with relatable demons. Sometimes rock bands try to do too much, but the Skullers have a perfectly balanced and enjoyable sound. Hope to catch them live some day.

Red River Hymn – “Kudzu”
-If you’ve ever driven through the American South (or live there), you know all about kudzu, the Japanese invasive vine. It grows over anything. This song captures how thinking about someone can feel like that invasive, covering and suffocating experience. It’s a little bit of lyrical brilliance wrapped around a really good bar rock anthem. I hope this one takes off.

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