Legendary Punk Act X Celebrate 40 Years And We Talk To D.J. Bonebrake About Legacy And Advice For Rising Acts

Being together for over forty years does not necessarily exempt you from the touring lifestyle. “We are currently traveling around in a van between Minnesota and Milwaukee,” shares drummer for legendary LA act X, D.J. Bonebrake. Currently on their forty-year anniversary tour, the influence of X cannot be overstated. With two signature records on the top 500 of all time (per Rolling Stone), and a history of influence that comes from being one of the first major Los Angeles punk outfits, their impact on music can be heard in many acts today. “It’s crazy. We don’t really think about it so much when we’re playing . . . you just go on like any other night. But looking at old footage . . . or looking in the mirror and I look different than I did in 82. Where did that gray hair come from?”


D.J. recently sent artifacts from through the years to the Grammys who are opening an exhibit in their museum in October to celebrate their work. “Originally it was planned for July but when they got all our stuff, they decided to move it to the bigger room. It’s such a great collection. I’m a packrat. I found trailer receipts, one from a music store in Pennsylvania. . “ He describes how he sent over 250 items to the museum but left the weird stuff for himself.


The band recently went on Kickstarter with the mission to fund their X! Live in Latin America album, which was, recorded when they toured with Pearl Jam. The band gave them the recordings for free and encouraged them to release them. Not only is the project funded, they have raised nearly three times the amount needed. This shows the mass following the band still maintains even after all these years. Because of our mission to showcase rising artists, I had to ask him for wisdom for those up and coming. “I had a drum teacher who was in music in the ‘20’s. He would always say that this is the worst business in the world. When you’re older you see how few people actually make a living . . . I would say to do it all the way. Don’t ignore the business side. Many say “I’m just going to play” and that is the first thing needed, but definitely not the only thing . . . be professional, show up on time, don’t be smelly or drunk . . . be nice to people like any other business. The product represents you! Don’t sell cheap T-shirts that fall apart in one wash.” While this advice might not seem “punk” it is road-tested wisdom from someone who truly grasps the business side of music. Honestly, he did not need to talk to us – we are not Rolling Stone. Yet, he acted as if we mattered and was beyond both personable and professional. Perhaps this is the key to their longevity.


Check out their Kickstarter page for more details on their new album. Also check them out on tour and see why they are one of the most enduring acts around today.

9/20/2017            Boston, MA                        Brighton Music Hall 

9/21/2017            New York, NY                    Stage48 

9/22/2017            Philadelphia, PA               Underground Arts 

9/23/2017            Falls Church, VA               The State Theatre

9/25/2017            Pittsburgh, PA                   Rex Theater 

9/26/2017            Kent, OH                              The Kent Stage 

9/27/2017            Columbus, OH                   Skully’s Music Diner


10/13/2017         Los Angeles, CA                The GRAMMY Museum® Exhibit Opening

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