Tuesday Double Spin: Two Incredible Tracks You Need To Hear

Black Coast (feat. Ponette) – “Medicine”

New York rooted artist Stan Rapport’s project is something to behold. Co-written through emails and demos sent with Helene Svaland, singer of Norway outfit Ponette, the haunting space this track fills is similar to Phantogram. It plays out like a David Lynch dream sequence while still being very much grounded in real time. The vocals of Svaland are especially affecting. “I came across Ponette on a random Soundcloud share and really loved Helene’s voice; it’s really dreamy and emotional, so I wanted to contrast it with instrumentals that a more haunting, cinematic feel . . . ” explains Rapport. We totally dig this one to say the least.

Anna Of The North – “Always”

We have been hip to this duo for sometime now. They are perhaps the biggest unknown act out there with over 60 million streams and on numerous tastemakers best of lists. This is quintessential electro pop but don’t be fooled by its facade, there is something deep and emotive happening within the structure. Oslo vocalist Anna Lotterud is incredibly vulnerable with her experience and rejects any contrived emotional attempt to win fans. Her vocals draw listeners into her world and they are much better for it. Perhaps this is why they continue to draw fans. Their minimalist sound is exactly what the genre needs right now.

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