Artist Interview: We Talk to Yoke Lore About Ohio, Touring, and His Take on the Banjo

“I’m not sure you can do anything to prepare to go on tour . . .” shares Adrian Galvin the charismatic artist behind Yoke Lore. “It’s hard to sit in a car everyday . . . I’m a physical person so not having much opportunity to move is hard. I bring my yoga mat and sneakers to go running.” Galvin is a guy always on the move. He has a passion for yoga and all alternative sports such as ultimate frisbee – which he started a club for at Kenyon college in Ohio. Being based in Ohio, we had to ask him about his time in the Buckeye state. “I wanted to be isolated. Kenyon is in a beautiful city on a hill. We were just a small group of kids running around writing.” His original career direction to be a writer shines through his emotive lyrics that find a space rare to the indie pop genre. His second EP Goodpain further showcases his unique talent as a songwriter as well as a musician.


Starting out playing in bands in high school, Galvin wrote and played drums for Walk The Moon before going his own direction that would draw him away from the drum kit. That musical drive took him to an often unfairly maligned folk instrument, the banjo. “I was in Ohio writing songs and wanted to do something different . . . I loved the specific nostalgia it engendered . . . it has a shrill tone.” Typically you find this in jangly folk music, which we love, but has been saturating the genre. Yoke Lore is able to allow Galvin to incorporate it in a fresh way. It adds another layer to an already seemingly bottomless sound.

Influenced at an early age by what his parents were listening too – the standards like the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel, he also found creativity in other areas. “I come from a family of actors and old Jews who loved the theater . . . like Cats and the Secret Garden . . . as a kid I remember waking up (on a long car ride) to my dad weeping, openly weeping while he was singing.”

Goodpain has garnered the attention of a larger crowd for Yoke Lore while amassing an impressive 3 million plus streams. Asking about the recording process, Adrian recalled the instance when he created tracks “Level Tools” and “Goodpain”. “I created them on accident. It wasn’t sounding right and I was in the fetal position under the mixing board saying “we have two different songs here . . . we have to write a new chorus for this verse and a new verse for this chorus.”


Of course I had to ask him why he was under the mixing board.

“I like to be closer to the ground . . . makes me feel safe and I get the music from different angles.” Makes sense to us. We don’t think you should mess with a recording process that works, especially if the output are two of the best tracks on the five track EP.

Yoke Lore will be on tour through September and October (check out full schedule below) while prepping some other exciting things. “I am going into the studio one last time today before the tour . . . the new EP is almost done.” Prolific to say the least, he also recently recorded a Christmas song that we can look forward to. “It’s constant. There is no time to stop . . . always writing.” This is his mantra and is will continue to serve him well as he gains fans by the masses. Goodpain is currently available and don’t miss his first EP Far Shore, which was grabbed up by companies like MTV and Netflix for their promotional campaigns.

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