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Life continues to move along gently here in northeast Ohio. There are some changes coming soon, though. The leaves will turn colors, the temperatures will drop, and we’ll all do some “nesting” for our futures. But until then, let’s enjoy what’s left of delightful “hoodie” weather and listen to some nice jams.

Mar – “Ghost”
-This folk song is the kind of new folk that inspires a lot of our listeners. There are layers of strings and some delightful harmonies that all come together for a joyful sound. They remind me a bit of what I loved about the Harmaleighs a few years ago.

Yankee and the Foreigners – “Timber”
-If you’re a fan of big folk music, then this track is made for you. The sounds are dynamic and moving. There really hasn’t been a band we’ve found with this kind of overall sound. Maybe the Bears of Legend are the closest we’ve heard. This is an artist to watch and we certainly hope to cover them more.

William Hinson – “Why Won’t You Be My Girl?”
-Pop music can be a bit of a moving target. What really makes pop, pop? Listen to this song. This is what pop is all about. The uptempo style, glowing optimism despite it being kind of a sad sentiment. It’s really from melody to production the quintessence of pop music.

Brit Frisco – “Roll Around”
-Fans of Sugar and the Hi Lows will absolutely love Brit Frisco! This is a dynamic retro sound that packs a punch. Fans of St Paul and the Broken Bones similarly will enjoy this infectiously soulful, exciting track. And the sax… steals the show.

Bill Wu – “Parachute”
-Sometimes a song just hits you deep down inside and you don’t have bloggy words for it. That’s how I feel about Bill Wu’s work. The acoustic guitar and phrasing are enjoyable to be sure, but it’s a song that is greater than the summer of its parts. The poetic lyrics reflect a deep and genuine sentiment. I just plain like it.

Josiah and the Bonnevilles – “Lie With Me”
-This is really a fantastic folk song in the mold of Bob Dylan plugged in. It’s a bit folk rock mixed with a fantastic lead vocal and some real attitude. The request at the heart of it is not that deep in the span of human nature, but it does definitely feel intimate and true, then the “our love can die another day” lyric is just an arrow to the heart. So good.

Elohim – “Eclipse”
-It’s fair to say we’re late to the party on this track, since it has over 95k plays on Soundcloud. Nevertheless, if folks enjoy electro pop music this is an outstanding example of the genre. From the opening to the drop, through the dynamic inflections along the way, it’s the kind of song that’s sure to move you deeply. If you sit still during this track… I do have to wonder if you have a pulse.

Cassia – “Sink”
-This uptempo Brit rock band Cassia is sure to put a smile on your face. From the crystal clear guitars to the slightly muddled vocal, the whole sound makes you want to grab an adult beverage and just take it in. The gang vocal on the chorus really wins over the crowd. Would be great in concert.

Wolfy – “The Apology Song”
-Emotions abound in this intriguing folk song from Wolfy. The sound is a bit eccentric and it’s not easy to hear why. The Joni Mitchell school of folk music comes through on this one. The thoughtful lyrics win the day over the relaxing instrumentation. It’s a wonderful new folk track.

Tennis – “No Exit”
-If you thought the 80s were dead, you’re wronnnnggggg. They live on in pop music coming out in the 21st century. Look no further than Tennis, who produce a bass line that has been hidden since 1989. The beat, the style, the feel of the track is totally the 80s. It’s a wonderful female-fronted sound that brings back unintentional nostalgia for all of us 80s kids.

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