The National Are Back And Better Than Ever With “The Day I Die”

It has always been a difficult assignment to describe the sound and impact of The National. Regardless of mood or space, they seem to have the rare ability to evoke feeling from a different untapped space in our souls. Like all accomplished artists, they craft a style that is uniquely their own. On the eve of what is to be their seventh album, Sleep Well Beast, we find ourselves exploring the latest track from the album “The Day I Die”.

At this point in their collective careers, it would be easy to coast on the style they have established and the respect they have garnered, yet their restless souls will not allow them to. While sharing their trademark melancholy baritone lyrics, their new work provides an even more expansive sound that even dips into optimism. In these days that we find ourselves in, “The Day I Die” plays out like an operatic call for something beyond the current pace of frustrations. The urgency in the intro is beautifully executed through the drums and surprisingly emotive organ. “The day I die, the day I die, where will we be?” asks vocalist Matt Berninger in his trademark croon. There is a different sound than we are use to hearing on this track and it suits a band looking to further cement their already impressive catalog of thought-provoking serenades.

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