The Thursday 4: : : Hand Selected Tracks to Win Your Day

We received an embarrassment of riches this week. It seemed like track after track was exceptional as we were reminded why exactly we do this music writing stuff often to the detriment of our sanity. Today, we have a few different tracks we grew fond of almost immediately. The genres are all different, but the sentiment is the same. Good. Solid. Engrossing. Lovely.

Francis – “Swing”

This one takes us back to a 1950’s diner in rural America. You can almost taste the milkshake. It is interesting to hear this quintet is actually Swedish and have been playing for over a decade. Originally formed with punk leanings and American folk sensibilities, their style has continued to expand into something special. Lead singer Petra Mases speaks about the new track and what it is like playing together for so long: “When you go from being in your most youthful Holly Golightly-self to put yourself in some sort of seriousness, the gloominess will rinse over sooner or later. This is what Swing is about, the wave that comes with all the memories. There is no valuation, nothing to change, just memories from what once was. Suddenly ten, twenty, thirty years has passed. What happened there? Francis has been a big part of my life for the last 10 years, and over the years so much has changed, both our music and how we work. Suddenly you’re a mother of three and the rest of the band has different lives, and sometimes I’m afraid it’s going to stay there, at the thought of a band. But suddenly again, it works for everyone, we manage to meet up and we’ve written and recorded a new song in a couple of hours, and it’s so damn funny and you’re making dirty jokes again and feel like a cool and worthy person again. Francis has a unique ability to make me fun and invincible in the true sense of a 20 year old.” Francis are a special act you fall in love with instantly without really knowing, or needing to know, the reasons.

Evalyn – “Cherry Lambo”

It seems en vogue to compare every self-asserting female songstress to Lorde, but rising LA artist Evalyn has some interesting things in common. Her ability to be confident and vulnerable in the same breath is one of these talents. Her songwriting is on point with the materialism of our new age. It explores both the comfort and confusion of Generation Z’ers while blending R&B, electro, and indie folk. The result is definitely a talent to behold. Her songwriting alone on “Cherry Lambo” is enough to catapult her into the music loving consciousness.

Haux – “Cologne”

The new single has a creative mix of physical space and nostalgia. “I’ve realized there are so many places I haven’t seen in the world,” explains the artist. “So many faces that seem so familiar and yet somehow so far away. I try to imagine their lives and how they differ from my own. I know I’ll never really know, but there’s something about not knowing that gives me comfort and keeps me eager to see more people and places. There was a certain magic about Cologne. It struck me as a place that I might’ve had another life in if I hadn’t lived the life I have. When I was back home, off tour, I remembered that feeling and tried to imagine a life there and the story of what might have been.” His debut ’16 EP All We’ve Known attracted a whopping 50 million streams. He is truly a DIY artist as he produced as well as created the art for the album. For the latter, he relied on his former life as a photographer, which gives his music a more holistic feel that listeners love.

Ledges – “Snow”

This Ohio based act has found an intriguing balance between a compelling pop sound and profound lyrics. The piano on this one is incredible and leads into an exploration of forced beliefs and views on others. Seems very timely and for frontman Andy Hoffman, it was all part of a bigger story in his life: “I was in a weird spot emotionally and processing a lot when this song was written, so the words came quickly and easily, which is rare for me. It’s about the struggle that comes from forcing the big and broad experience of God, faith, love and relationships into our narrow internal perspective of those things. A reconciliation of sorts. Often times when things don’t fit, we have a choice to make; We can either be open to new ideas and expand our perspective, or we can be closed off and watch our worldview shatter.” The result is an accessible piece of indie pop goodness. What was originally planned as an EP, quickly turned into an LP that is set for release September 1st.

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