The Best 5 Tracks We Heard This Week

Moglii – “Darkest Night”

German artist Moglii has a flare for deconstruction. On this single, it firmly grabs ahold of various genres, perfected by artists like Bon Iver, James Blake, and Jack Garratt, and reimagines the possible. Mixing downtempo with electro pop, he crafts one of the more compelling styles we have heard recently in this musical landscape. Typically, vocal effects tend to be overdone within this genre, but Moglii is able to beautifully and sparsely use them to imagine his own sound. The result is both imaginative and refreshing.

Tim Cronin – “In The Light”

This one is worth the guitar tone alone. Cronin creates an imaginative singer songwriter style that mixes heartfelt lyrics with an explorative sound similar to the newer John Mayer sound. There is nothing particularly scandalous about his sound, but when you are this gifted, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes a great songwriter knows exactly what is enough. “In The Light” is one of those rare tunes that is sure to win an audience regardless of preference.

Alex Woods – “Fires”

Like Cronin, Alex Woods is able to make genuine tunes that compel listeners to feel a particular brand of nostalgia. “Fires” mentions various items with emotional connotations. It is in a lot of ways, a soundtrack for everyday life. He explains the single this way: “This song I wrote while sifting through old items while moving. It is a building song about the desires to re-live your past but acceptance that the memories and experiences attached are more valuable than the items themselves.” He ends on a positive indie pop note before fading into silence. The instrumentation and style is unique and a welcomed change of pace.

Brooks Brown – “No Service” (feat. Truitt)

This one has a laidback end of summer flare. Exploring a life away from the distractions of life, Truitt brings just the right amount of electro pop vocals in the space of Zara Larsson. This is a definite jam and has the potential of a viral hit, and rightly so. We were found to be bumping the hell out of this with the windows down all week. Like Moglii, this one breaks new ground and doesn’t settle for mediocrity. “No Service” has a perfect sway and flow that popular artists should emulate.

The Still Tide – “Give Me Time”

This new act of musical veterans with varied and impressive resumes is a breath of fresh air. The vocals of Anna Morsett are incredible and remind us of alt-country favorites like Nikki Lane and Ruby Force. It has an outlaw country soul, tinged with folk sensibilities. The drums scream for you to clap along and the organ grabs you by your favorite Ryan Adams styled flannel. Their phenomenal EP Run Out, was produced by Joe Richmond, who helped craft the indelible sound of Tennis and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats. If you dig bands like this, which pretty much everyone should, then you do not want to miss out on these guys.

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