EP Review: Wild Front – Physics

EP Review: Wild Front – Physics

by Dayna Duncan

One of the greatest things about music, for me at least, is its power to change your mood. When I first heard the band Wild Front, I knew they would be one of those bands that I’d like to listen to when I needed a pick me up. I was eagerly awaiting their new EP release and the newly released “Physics” does not disappoint. In fact, it surpassed my expectations…and that isn’t easy do to! This EP is deliciously laced with pop-rock, classic rock, soul (just to name a few), and nuanced to give you a deep, significant ride.

The first song titled “Physics” is lyrically and musically up and down in the best of ways. It begins with a fun rock/pop-rock beat with some great rhythmic picking of the electric guitar and bass. Once the chorus hits, you get some fantastic layered vocal harmonies and the boom-boom-kat gives way to depth with the lyrics “you’ve given my words no more voice, you’ve given my heart no more voice.” This all moves into the finale…an ethereal, beautifully orchestrated instrumental outro. It’s a song to make you feel all the feels. I love feeling feels.

Speaking of feels…track 2, “In the Dirt,” is a bit of an ode to 70s rock. Similar to the way Fleetwood Mack or even Hall & Oats makes me smile with their smooth groove, stellar vocals, and meaningful lyrics. With that being said, this is not a copy or remake of old music. They nod to the past with the sound, but they very much wrap it in the present. About the song itself, I love the addition of the electric piano, especially during the instrumental break, which adds to the nostalgia.

In the same vein as track 2, “Few and Far Between” nods to the past but speaks to now. You see this on the chorus, as it moves from classic to current electric beats and electronic sounds making it a relevant and beautifully crafted tune. I love new and old…I love that they are able to seamlessly move between both and they make great well-rounded, multi-influenced music.

“Midnight in Hackney” is a vocal, guitar, and lyrical triumph. It again nods to the music of old but really plucks out the heavier guitar sound post-chorus and within the bridge. One thing they do well is the musical interlude. There are a lot of guitar solos and they are very well done and interesting. The ending is a rock outro fit for rock royalty: heavy, raw, boisterous, and super yummy.

The fifth and final song of the EP is titled “Trunk.” Softer, with some fantastic layered harmonious guitars, it makes for a perfectly satisfying love song. Lyrically it’s bright and lovely. Musically it’s genuine and cheery. I really wouldn’t want anything more of a rock love song.

If you want cookie cutter pop-rock with the same ebs and flows as everyone else, then Wild Front isn’t the band for you. But if you want deep, mindfully crafted inter-woven tunes, then yes, please listen to Wild Front’s new EP “Physics.” Vocally smooth, musically delicious, and thoughtfully executed. I’m becoming a big fan of this UK-bred band…and if you are like me, you will be too.

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