2 Of The Most Danceable Tracks We Heard This Week

Shuffle Baby – “Get That Gold”

Now we realize this could be either a compliment or an insult, depending on your musical preference but we whole-heartedly believe this track would fit nicely on the original Ghostbusters soundtrack. The boys of Shuffle Baby have some serious danceable and catchy beats that will shake ghosts from their eternal rest (we couldn’t help it). The Norway group craft ‘80’s style vibes with extraordinary vocals. The result is something magic.

Gabrielle Aplin – “Waking Up Slow”

This optimistic and affectionate jam reminds us of a confident mix between Madonna and Lorde. Taken from her upcoming EP, the artist says this about the song: “Waking Up Slow” is a super positive song! It’s about that euphoric “aha!” moment after feeling perhaps misplaced, or stagnant. It’s about that moment where you decide to just let go, letting what will be, be and choosing to be present.” Listeners cannot help but root for the exceptionally talented artist. Her enduring spirit and creativity is a refreshing change of pace in a modern music scene that is often chastised for the lack of heart.

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