4 Incredibly Moving Songwriters Your Weekend Needs

Fan Fiqtion – “Father Time”

This is the best possible song inspired by a commercial. “I was inspired by a Subaru commercial I saw showing a father watching his daughter drive off to college,” says the artist. “I kept thinking of all the moments in my life that should have been captured in my memories, but instead slipped away because I wasn’t paying attention. This song is reflective and a bit more melancholy than the rest of the album. The track has a slow ramble of a George Ezra song with John Mayer style nostalgia. It unfolds well and will draw on many of listeners’ heartstrings.

Keels – “Fears”

There is an uneasy urgency to the music of this UK artist. With elements of Radiohead, Foals, “Fears” is has a melancholy vibe that sinks deep within your heart before rising into a more positive chorus. This is the sort of diversity that great artists do so well. Listeners will hang on every haunted word and ghostly guitar riff. Keels is able to craft a mood that is unmatched in modern music. His debut album is sure to be just as affecting and is due out later this year.

First Blush – “Like A Vulture”

Are we the only one that hears a little Nine Inch Nails in this one? Off their LP Monologic, “Like A Vulture” has the swayable elements of some NIN tracks, mixed with a vocal crooning that will make the ‘80’s blush. Charles Sekel, the band’s driving force, draws inspiration from the dark realms of life and mental states. Isolation and depression are both inspirations, but he knows how to balance the dark with the light on “Like A Vulture”. It is emotive, but also very accessible and damn good.

Sam Segurado – “Right On Time”

This Irish/Portuguese singer-songwriter has a transparent sound that floats through ear buds like a dream. His upcoming debut album, Looking For The Fox, will release this fall and this is the third outstanding track to be released from it. Drawing inspiration from his time in cities like Dublin, Paris, and Cambridge, he is able to capture what is so beautiful about a solitary voice with a guitar. There is no need for fancy adornment; his talent carries the track in a way few artists are able to. Segurado has the ambition to release eight more albums after this one, which might just be a very good thing for the industry and music loving public.

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