The Top 4 Tracks This Week

Zerowe – “Easy”

This UK artist finds inspiration from the climate of his generation. “I wake up to weird days and bad news and it reverberates around in the back of my head and I’m trying to make a little sense of it” says the R&B crooner. His first track of the year doesn’t try to do anything grand. It simply unfolds like an easy lover while grabbing your soul in the process. His strength is how he is able to blend soul with electro and minimalist pop vibes. He is currently finishing up his EP Shade Of Blue, which is sure to have similarly refreshing tunes.

School of X – “Forever”

The dark electronica sounds of the solo project of Rasmus Littauer are a refreshing personal sentiment of his influence and preference. Minimal and layered, it contrasts nicely from his work drumming for pop artist MØ. If you dig the style of Pet Shop Boys and New Order, then you School Of X will definitely fit nicely into your playlist rotation.

Sub-Radio – “Was It Good For You”

These D.C. DIY act has the art of crafting infectious indie pop jams down to a science. Their driving bass, high vocal range, and catchy chorus’ set them apart from a sea of aspiring musicians. We were reminded of a mix of Minus The Bear and Walk The Moon, and we think you’ll agree. Currently the ambitious act are releasing a single a month while they play the east coast and beyond.

Brother Sundance – “Blind”

The project of 18 year old Rylan Talerico, “Blind” is off his first of two EP’s planned for this year. His soulful crooning is surprisingly mature for his age and experience. The duet element on this single is very solid and plays nicely with a background of electro pop bliss. There is an exciting new soul sound in this one that we can imagine will continue to draw the attention of various producers and tastemakers.

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