Two Tasty Thursday Tracks (#Alliteration!)

Sure Sure – “Koreatown”

The piano solo that kicks this sweet indie pop track is worth the price of download. “Koreatown” will hold you over until the next Vampire Weekend album drops. The foursome blends some great sounds, even dropping a fuzzed out electric guitar that will have you dancing in your cubicle. Their relevant and singable lyrics have absolutely captivated our hearts and we are super stoked to share this killer track.

Super Duper – “Second Chances (feat. Louis Johnson)

This is proof of Nashville’s new sound. The city is home to both the producer and vocalist on this scorching electro pop hit. It treads on Imagine Dragons territory while still being original. We love the mix of genre and especially dig the acoustic guitar that caps off the stadium sized sound. The debut single that preceded this by Super Duper found itself #1 on Hype Machine and is perhaps topped with “Second Chances”.


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