NY Rockers Late Night Episode Ponder The Internet And The ‘Golden Age’ We Live

Billboard describes the sound of alt rockers Late Night Episode as “rowdy rock” and we cannot think of a better description for the New York rockers. We feel their sound is a mix between Kings of Leon and The Hunna, if you can imagine such a thing. “Golden Age” gives us a taste of what to expect from the band’s soon to be released EP. In the video for their third released single, the band wanders the streets and streams of New York while singing their frustration with the internet. Lead singer Daniel Lonner explains the spot on lyrics like this: “I had the lyrics for the hook of ‘Golden Age’ written for a while before the instrumental came along. I wanted to remind people that even though the internet is a wonderful world of its own, 2017 is the most opportune time to be alive and to live, you have to get out and do shit.” It is no coincidence that the video is shot on 16mm film while showcasing places the band hangs out and grew up on. It has a unique feel of nostalgia of a simpler time. We dig their refreshing sound and echo the buzz of many publications that agree. It should be a big year for these guys.

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