Buffalo Artist M.A.G.S. Is Facing ‘Demons’ And Winning Fans

Buffalo multi-instrumentalist M.A.G.S (aka Elliott Douglas) is creating something special that has pop culture buzzing. His debut 2015 EP Cellophane has tracks featured on TV shows like Shameless, The Flash, and Famous In Love. Now the artist is back with some more catchy and punchy tunes that are sure to rocket him into the national musical conversation. “Demon” stars the artist and is about “facing your fears but not necessarily conquering them more so coming to terms that there are some things that are so deep-rooted that you can never fully get past. You learn to cope with it instead of fighting it” explains his bio. M.A.G.S plays every instrument on the track and truly showcases his talent as something special. His new self-titled album is due to drop in about a month (9/8/17) and we are super stoked to hear more tracks that transcend the garage rock genre. If you dig acts like Carseat Headrest and Cloud Nothings, then look no further for your new favorite act.

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