4 Scorching Summer Tracks

Absofacto – “Endless Summer”

The music of Absofacto perfectly captures the spirit of Los Angeles. Equal parts manic and laid back, “Endless Summer” details those late summer nights spent doing nothing and everything throughout the darkened twilight. The video is brimming with nostalgia and California vibes. “Endless Summer’ is all about that feeling of staying out all night in the summer running wild with your friends” explains the artist. “I thought a gang of badass girl skateboarders tearing across the city and making their way to the beach would capture that idyllic vibe completely. Laban Pheidias, an ex-pro skater turned brilliant music video director, was the perfect collaborator for this idea, and he brought with him a trio of cameramen who are all lifelong skaters, too.” We guarantee you will dig this one.

Ivan Dorn – “Beverly”

Okay, so we get this one will not be for everyone. We were drawn to the story of the Ukrainian artist more than anything. What kept us interested is his incredible mix of sound and total disregard for traditional song structure. House mixed with disco mixed with a guitar solo for the hell of it. Dorn gained popularity in his early 20’s and quickly earned a judge role on The Voice Ukraine while filling stadiums with his magnetic persona and infectious sound. At the height of his popularity, he decided to move to LA where he has been working on his American debut. His incredible grasp of genre and unconventional style is sure to connect him to a larger audience here in the states.

Duncan Fellows – “Fresh Squeezed”

Mixing humor with Strokes style rock is not a bad way to grab our attention. The Austin gang describes the track as “breakfast rock” and one examination of their lyrics will show you why. It is an upbeat track detailing some of their real life circumstances amidst surf pop vibes. Their grasp on different styles will catch you off-guard. They are a surprisingly deep and talented act who will rock your face as they energize your soul. Their much anticipated debut Both Sides of the Ceiling is due out August 25th and if “Fresh Squeezed” is any indication, it will be chock full of fun and energetic New York flavored jams.

Two Cheers – “Over My Shoulder”

“When I’m stuck on something or feeling unmotivated, I channel my muse’s version of me, which I think is a better version of me, to keep going — keep being creative and productive. It’s called “Over My Shoulder” because I can always feel that presence. The unusual structure of the song, Owen’s cascading synths and Carlton’s frantic drumming really make this song stand out” explains lead singer Bryan Akcasu who uprooted his life after their debut album from Los Angeles to Detroit. The act he leads is refreshingly layered and almost impervious to description. It is almost like a lovechild between The 1975 and The Cure. Their new LP Rollick, is full of unusual but accessible hits that showcase the band’s ability to create lush sounds that put listeners in a musical dream worth every note.

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