3 Of The Best Tracks We Heard This Week

NYT FOXES – “Found”

This solo throwback vehicle of songwriter Ben Lovas has the perfect blend of longing and hope. “Found” recalls acts from New Order to Angels and Airwaves and everything in between. The blend of synth and guitar pop is highly emotive while it soars beyond the typical genre single and into the hearts of many. The track ends with a U2 style guitar before blending into the enduring distortion. Lovas has something special here and will have us waiting patiently for the new EP due any day now.

Adam Wendler – “Deep Water”

The strength of songwriter Adam Wendler is found in his uncanny ability to jump between genre borders to create something that is both refreshing and innovative. There are many points within “Deep Water” where you think you can describe his sound with terms like “folk” or “indie pop” but then the next verse immediately destroys any label you thought you knew. He is currently releasing singles off his new album Never Go Unknown and we are intrigued to hear more genre bending hits. Wendler has a firm grasp on how to write a catchy hit, but refuses to settle for only that, his layered sound reveals something of more depth than the expected radio hit.

BATTS – “Little White Lies”

The project of Melbourne-based Tanya Batt immediately draws delicious shoe gaze comparisons to the likes of Mazzy Star. Her sound is intricately layered with a bass backdrop that ties it all together. We love its blend of mellow rock and personal storytelling. She explains the track like this: “Little White Lies just came out all at once, it’s about how pretty much every interaction with anyone seems to be filled with these little white lies, whether it’s just easier to reply ‘Good’ when someone asks you how you are, or being late and making up a little white lie to cover your back. The world is filled with them and I don’t think we even realise we are doing it anymore, whether it’s a stranger or someone close to you, it just happens..” BATTS has been garnering a lot of fans lately within the music community and will only continue to do so with her beautifully crafted sound.

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