Stop Everything And Listen: : : : 1 Laid Back Songwriter and 1 Rapper From Sweden

Spencer Roberts – “As Days Go By”

We don’t think we have heard a more aptly named song as this one. The sound unrolls like a deliberate slide into a hard fought daydream. It floats and rocks gently as the talented songwriter croons about the passage of time. There is an intentional song construction in this one as well. The addition of guitar parts in the background make it complete and show the maturity of a young artist who is on the rise. His seasoned sound stands out in a genre that is admired for its authenticity. His is a refreshing and engaging voice.

Compulsive – “Nervous”

We don’t cover a lot of rap, so you know that when we do, it is something special. Compulsive is a young rapper with as much confidence as the travel time between New York to his hometown of Gothenberg, Sweden. Typically Sweden isn’t where you expect solid rap acts to come from, but that is what is beautiful about music, it truly has no borders. What is even more impressive than his incredible rap voice is the fact that he was homeless last year before recording his first record. There is truly nothing we are meh about his sound. It has the transcendent quality of all great music, regardless of genre or style. This guy is the real deal in every aspect of the word.

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