Two Killer Tracks From Two Need to Know Acts

Shelter Point – “Fuse”

This duo has the maturity of an act twice their age and experience. We get a ton of submissions that is labeled as indie electro so our expectations were not very high, but damn this one blew us away. This is the sound of the genre at this point in time. Their mix of soul with minimal accompaniment shows a confident restraint that many acts can learn from. They do not attempt to do too much but allow the track to unwind into what we believe is a top level track from a stellar new artist. “Fuse” burns slowly and methodically into the hearts of listeners and we are better for it.

N.W. Izzard – “Made Man”

This one has teeth. The bluesy rock sound works in the same space as acts like Black Keys and Gary Clark Jr. although they tread their own ground with more indie sensibilities. The guitar on this is gritty and infectious. The confident piece of ‘70’s infused rock tells a story of a cocky and rebellious man who is “made” in every sense of the word. It is painfully simple in its structure and that is totally okay. By the end of the burner of a jam, I was ready for another track from the artists. This one will definitely connect with listeners from all over the genre map.


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