The 3 Best Tracks We Heard This Week

Thanks. – “Your World”

The bass line hits you on this one. It has it’s own funky disco space that makes every other stunning element in this track, a glorious bonus. The group is the cinematic brainchild of Steve Pagano and Mario Borgatta who have a firm grasp on genre and making the most of a few minutes. Attending the esteemed Berklee College of Music in ’09, the duo connected over shared sounds and artists before deciding to create the group. Their debut album Colfax finds them striving to make accessible and danceable art for the masses while still maintaining a high level of art. All things point to their success in this. “Your World” is a MGMT style track that has its finger on the pulse of the current musical landscape.

Loud Forest – “I’m Not Your Girl”

This poppy and upbeat track by the married duo of Rachel and Bernard Chadwick, “I’m Not Your Girl” is a scrappy form of indie pop goodness. With the current state of the world, this could be just as powerful a social commentary of feminine empowerment as it is a danceable dream of a track. The second album, which also features Steve Wilmot on drums, is due for release soon but if this track is any indication, we are set for a nice collection of tasty and biting tunes from this highly creative and experimental act.

Rotana – “Over You”

Born and raised in Saudia Arabia, the young songstress’s roots run deep. Her sound is as much worldly as it is other-worldly. She eventually moved to LA to pursue her passion for music and creates incredibly soulful vibes that speak of both her past as well as music’s future. She blends the seduction of acts like FKA Twigs with the grit of a more down to earth Lana Del Rey. The end result is a must hear single. The content here has been heard before but the way she delivers and changes her voice in places is something to be heard. She is the embodiment of a rising act.

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