The Future of Rock: Warbly Jets and Joywave Craft Two Uniquely Impressive Buzz Tracks

Warbly Jets – “The Lowdown”

This LA band is the definition of a buzz act. We admit to hearing of them before actually hearing from the exceptional rock act. When we finally took the time to see what the buzz was about, we were forever grateful. If you are a fan of gritty rock and roll, then look no further than these guys who have the confidence and swagger of acts like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. “The Lowdown” has the same sort of biting lyrics as similar acts with the crunchy guitar work that makes listeners swoon. Drawing on inspiration from there own dealings in the music industry, the end result is one of the more promising releases of this year.

Joywave – “Going to a Place”

We have to be upfront and say that the debut release from this act was one of the most interesting and exciting debuts we have heard. The release earned them supporting spots for the likes of the Killers, Cold War Kids, and Foals, as well as major festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza. You can see why we are so excited to be mere weeks away (July 28th) from their sophomore release. The strengths of the act are their danceable beats, which contrast with some arresting lyrics and the occasional dark wave vibe inserted for good measure. “Going to a Place” perfectly embodies the soul of the act and showcases all they do so incredibly well. Their credibility will only skyrocket with their next release and we cannot be more stoked to hear more from the genre-busting band.

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