Four MUST Hear Singer Songwriters

Benjamin Love – “Love Like California” / “Trouble (Your Sex is Power)”

The tracks of Love, besides having compelling names, express the artist’s state of mind flawlessly. There is a driving urgency in every wave of sound that reminds listeners of their favorite tracks unfolding on a long drive through America. “Love Like California” is a sprawling jam with an incredible chorus that will make anyone sing back by the time the second verse hits. If California has a sound, this is it. “Trouble” is a soulful track with a funk style that sneaks in. The strength of Love is his ability to create verses that seem familiar and therefore are easy to sing back. This particular tune has deceptively great guitar riffs hidden throughout as well. Benjamin Love is a complete artist and his legacy will only be cemented with his newly released Star Shaker album. Check out his website ( for more info

George Ogilvie – “Surveillance”

Ogilvie has a sound that makes you question your ability to uncover great artists. I found myself asking, “why didn’t I know about this guy?” within the first few gripping chords. His songwriting style is deceptively simple as it draws listeners into a well-crafted mood and space. The track builds into an emotive near masterpiece amidst incredible vocals and heart pleading harmonies. There is something incredibly special happening within the young UK singer’s sound. His strength is how quickly he is able to tear down genre and timing. Listeners from any musical background will respect his intentionally heartbreaking artistic integrity.


Brandin Reed – “Thank You”

Unexpected tragedy motivated this singer songwriter to produce a soothing and personal album that should resonate with many. After the sudden passing of his mother who gave him a deep love for music, the artist found himself creating a rock/singer songwriter album in the same space of a more humble John Mayer. This is interesting because the drummer for Mayer, Aaron Sterling, drums on the newly released album. Reed doesn’t try to do too much or wow audiences with crazy guitar riffs or powerful vocals. He simply grants us an intimate look at his soul at his own pace and the result is something special. Reed is a guy you cannot help but root for.


Ryan McNulty – “If Your Mind Should Change”

This UK singer mixes elements of familiar sounds with a refreshing and original take on the folk style genre. Beauty is a currency in his sound and he spends freely. In a nod to honest songwriters like Conor Oberst, Elliot Smith, and yes, even Cat Stevens, McNulty invites listeners into an intimate conversation with a friend over drinks. His sound is personal and accessible and is only exemplified in his new EP Morning Always. There is a thriving optimism within every thought out note and that, in the current state we find ourselves in, is greatly needed.


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