The 4 Best Tracks We Heard This Week . . .

Varsity Week – “Against the Wall”

We dare you not to fall in love with this act. The LA quartet have been playing together for awhile and the chemistry is apparent on their delicious new single. Guitarist Dave Orton and vocalist Brandon Eisenbeis started their musical alliance in 9th grade as “typical kids playing pop-punk in Dave’s garage,” explains the singer. “We’re four completely different guys – that’s why it works.” Any way you explain it, the band sounds confident, explosive, and tight on “Against the Wall”. A genre busting breakout single with a catchy as hell chorus, the track will be highly popular with the Walk the Moon and Imagine Dragons crowd as well as with anyone who has any semblance of a heartbeat – it is that good. Currently they are touring with a live show that has to be experienced. The band’s strength is their down to earth mentality and their driving desire to connect with the masses. The result is something special.

Secret Weapons – “Ghost”

From the beginning saxophone groove, you are hooked. “Ghost” is another stellar jam from the duo that is becoming use to churning out indie pop that soothes and rocks souls across the nation. You might remember them from their equally as incredible track “Something New”, which we covered and could not stop playing last year. “Ghost” has the band expanding there sound with more maturity and a refined pop feel that will make you remember the days when Maroon 5 were an up and coming act. This band is the real deal and are sure to be seen and heard for years to come.

Welshly Arms – “Legendary”

Having our offices in Cleveland gets us the inside track on some extraordinary music. Perhaps there is no other act garnering as much exposure as Cleveland’s own Welshly Arms. Their breakout single has earned over 13 million streams on Spotify alone while continuing to be used in countless ad campaigns. The strength of the blues rockers has always been their uncanny ability to craft anthems that resonate with a larger audience. Their work ethic has set them apart in the Cleveland scene and their worldwide exposure is much deserved. Legendary will find itself on a soon to be released EP, but their 2015 self-titled release will hold you over until then.

Gaspar Sanz – “Watch You Go”

This might be the catchiest piece of dreamy surf rock we have heard in a long time. The Sydney act are new to the scene but if they continue to craft tracks like “Watch You Go”, they will quickly become a top act. Mixing high-energy pop sensibilities and the cool factor of early indie rock acts, the result is a classic sound that will punch listeners through their speakers. If you hear a little Tame Impala in their sound, it might not surprise you that their former drummer, Sam Devenport is drumming for them. The result is a classic sound that is sure to win over many.

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