“The American Dream” by The Federal Empire is the Jam Your 4th Needs

The Federal Empire have written the perfect satirical anthem for your July 4th. The band has thoughtfully created some of the cleverest and poignant lyrics we have heard in the post-election world we now live. What we appreciate about this track is the way they label the many issues of a consumer culture while still being noticeably for their country and freedom. This is not off handed criticism but relevant and pointed at various cultural problems from Netflix to Playboy. The group succeeds where all too many acts fail. Great satire as well as cultural critique, comes from a place of true love for the object of maligning. It comes from a passionate belief that things should be better within the subject of value. It is not criticism only but a desire for something better. With “The American Dream”, The Federal Empire are able to construct a compelling case for better. Oh, and they do it with a tremendously catchy sound, which is not to be dismissed.

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