Five Songs From Genre Busting Songwriters

Mattie Safer – “All We Are”

Safer has already made a musical contribution with his work in The Rapture. After the band sadly called it quits, he decided to take the soulful base of his previous sound and follow it to its roots. To be honest, this was not what we were expecting but it works. The sound he crafts here is timeless and Mattie has the perfect voice to croon with. His debut EP is set to drop soon and you can expect more unexpected and heartfelt tunes. We loved his previous project and are excited to hear from the former bassist/co-lead vocalist step out on his own.

Pavey Ark – “Close Your Eyes and Think of Nothing”

This UK alt-folk act has something special here. The aptly named track is found on their EP due out in late July. Already playing Glastonbury and featured on BBC, they are winning over fans with their heartfelt sound that is devoid of any insincerity or niche. The strength of the act is how they use the space within each song to paint a full picture of sound. It is not just one instrument or vocal range they fall in love with, but a beautiful mix of life, lyrics, and melody. They put listeners into a different space, even if it is only for a few minutes. We are smitten with the sound of Pavey Ark.

Little Mirrors – “Stranger”

The musical project of Californian Trevor Speckman, Little Mirrors has a driving but understated rock sound that immediately made us think of Springsteen. Yet, it blends genre and melody seamlessly to construct a fun and unique sound. The young songwriter already has a surprising amount of music out and “Strangers” is set to be released on his upcoming EP. It is undoubtedly catchy and melodic.

Rathbone – “This Heart of Mine” (Acoustic)

This singer songwriter from New Orleans is prepping his first solo EP with this gem of a track. There are some good vibes on this one as we hear traces of Jeff Tweedy, Conor Oberst, and Elliot Smith. It is a pretty straightforward track but showcases his immense talent in keeping listeners captivated throughout his understated sound. The artist weaves hope within a tapestry of melancholy in a way that reminds us of some of the ‘90’s greats.

Von Grey – “6AM”

The sister trio Von Grey is nothing like Haim. Let’s just get that out of the way right now. Their blend of pop and folk structures is uniquely refreshing in a way that draws listeners in and had us scratching our collective heads in search of proper comparisons. The vocals are almost Alanis ‘esque in parts. Yet, there is a driving electro pop vibe that we cannot shake. It makes for an interesting and enthralling track that is sure to win fans to their fun blend of genre and talent.

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