San Francisco Duo NRVS LVRS Find An Engaging Social Commentary Worthy Of David Lynch

San Francisco duo NRVS LVRS (nervous lovers) have something special. The married Andrew Gomez and Bevin Fernandez recently dropped a sweet piece of transcendent darkwave that will be featured prominently on their sophomore album Electric Dread (June 30). The vibe of the track is extraordinary and is only complemented with the interplay of trading vocals and memorable lines like “good girls keep quiet”. The act explains the story behind the track like this: ‘”Lost To The Max’ deals with the feeling of being on edge when in public spaces as a woman. Bevin explains, “The amount of unwanted attention, microaggressions, and violence women face on a daily basis leads to a constant need to be on guard. Growing up, my mom always told me to constantly be aware of my surroundings, and that I can’t just trust someone because he appears to be a ‘good guy’. So, while many men may not necessarily be violent or intend to hurt you, you must go through the world figuring that they might and very well could. After a string of attacks near where we live in SF, my brother asked me if I felt unsafe walking by myself in the city, and I told him that’s just how I feel anywhere when I’m out walking alone. I don’t think men realize just how terrifying it can be.”

Words like ominous and haunting are standard expressions to describe their sound but it goes deeper than description. Fans of In The Valley Below and Crystal Castles are sure to love their layered, concise, and beautiful craftwork on “Lost To The Max”. This is a solid effort and is sure to catapult them into the public musical consciousness.

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