Nap LaJoy – A Carefully Crafted Blast Of Indie Goodness

There are certain musicians who can walk into a studio, lay down a track, and walk away content. Nap LaJoy is not such an act. The project of Devin O’Keeffe (vocals, guiatar), Dave Newman (drums), Michael Simonelli (Guitar, Keys, Samples) and Kevin Hunter (bass) has to be admired for the way they craft and produce honest and highly engaging sonic vibes. Taking songs they had originally worked on in different projects, some being over a decade old, were re-imagined and crafted into something else entirely in most cases. Taking over a hundred takes in some instances, the artists obsessed over finding the right sound. Host is the debut album from the act, due out August 11th, and listeners are sure to hear the meticulous attention to detail and nuance within their sound. While they do not necessarily sound like Radiohead, they do share a similar sonic playground in how they layer and structure their unique sound. The result of tracks such as “Bulldogs” is an intentional environment that soars and dips in ways that stir the souls of many. We were blown away by their creation and believe you will be too.

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