Four Music Videos To Challenge The “Music Video” Is Dead Theory

The death of the music video is greatly exaggerated. Perhaps the monstrosities of high budget pieces of music legend are gone, but that just means the music video, as an art form is still alive and kicking. We constantly come across artists who take the format seriously while many times producing their own visual musical expression. Today we bring you some of the best we have come across recently and while they represent different genres, they are united by some pretty fun visuals. Enjoy, and long live the music video.

Patent Pending – “Wasted / Wake Me Up”

Beware, this track is extremely catchy. These Long Island boys are talented enough to bring the wave of pop punk back in vogue. Their latest project mashed up other artist’s songs for something that is fun, refreshing, and just as hip gyrating at the originals. The album Other People’s Greatest Hits is a unique idea that surprisingly works. Their video for this mix is well done and reminds us of another group’s backwards-video creations. Check it out and keep an ear out for their style of exuberant rock.

Future Elevators – “Modern World”

This act went viral shortly after a feature on BBC’s Global Playlist. Future Elevators is the new project from Michael Shackelford who you may remember from the now defunct Grenadines, is back creating some deeply affecting art. His new video shows a fluid optimism through the many perspectives of strangers walking the streets of New Orleans. “The world is a screwed up place to live in. Enjoy the times when there is euphoria for you,” explains the artist of his latest project. Blending blues, R&B, and straight folk songwriting styles, this new project is due for much deserved attention.

Big Thief – “Mythological Beauty”

The style of this Brooklyn band is something special. Mixing a dreamscape of sound with the ethereal vocals of Adrianne Lenker, they forge ahead with a spirit of optimism and longing that few others could replicate. The video is just as extraordinary too. Off their second release Capacity, the lyrics are dynamic and accompany the weaving sound and mix of genre in a way that is highly personal and affecting. If you find yourself pessimistic about the place of the music video, we assure you that one viewing of “Mythological Beauty” will shatter that.

Vespera – “Bloom”

The new project of Jonathan Wolfe (known for his stints in Slaves and Falling In Reverse) has a knack for upfront hard rock. The new video for their tightly structured “Bloom” recently premiered on Billboard and features America’s Next Top Model winner Jourdan Miller. The rocking video shows an amazing contrast of black and white while moving into some soul rattling vocals from Wolfe. Listeners who like the rock stylings of acts like A Perfect Circle are sure to dig Vespera. We are pretty selective in the hard rock we cover, so you have to know that this blows past any preconceived notions we have of the genre with a heavy dose of genuine art.

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