The Electro Pop Stylings of Jojee is Sure to Make You Move With Catchy Bliss

The sophomore EP from Jojee is going to be the electro vibes your Fall will need. The unique sound is assuredly pop, but like the true artists in this genre, she is able to mix slight hints of something deeper. Infused with blues and indie psych, the artist has a fresh take on a somewhat tired soundscape. We appreciate her pace and catchy hooks on this solid and mature release. “I went through a bit of a rough patch in both my personal life and with my music. Writing “Poison Fruit” was kinda like turning over a new leaf. Not only was I able to get the sour emotions I’d been feeling out but it brought me back to the roots of why I began songwriting. I would say this is Chapter 1 in my new book,” explains the young songstress.

It should be said here that the Amy Winehouse comparisons are sure to come, but I am not sure this is entirely fair to either artist. She undoubtedly possesses the swagger of Winehouse, but her sound is something entirely different. We believe that no matter what your musical tastes, you should dig this new track.

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