Dagny – “Wearing Nothing” – Pop Music With A Heart

It is a difficult case to make that an artist with millions of streams and views is an “emerging” artist. Yet Norwegian pop darling Dagny is use to crushing expectations. She has quietly built a global audience with her charismatic and meaningful songs that are as smart as they are pop. I must admit, when I saw the title and genre of her incredible “Wearing Nothing”, I was pessimistic to say the least. Yet her video is so well crafted that it turned this ardent rock supporter to a closet pop fan. While much of this genre’s landscape is filled with formula and expected beats, Dagny unapologetically treads her own ground to create some of the most intentionally simple and affecting music of any genre. The infectious smile and sound she embodies is wonderfully captured in the video. A sort of retro La La Land, she choreographs through the home life found in a committed relationship. “I guess it’s something in my head I’ve always imagined, this amazing La La Land meets, an old Fred Astaire movie. You’re with someone and then you’re totally in sync and everything is great and then time passes on and runs its course and you come to an end. But by then meeting someone new that doesn’t necessarily diminish what you had,” explains the artist. Her Ultraviolet EP has some unexpected gems that are sure to shake even the staunchest of punk rockers. Fresh off a collaboration with Børns that garnered 9.4 million streams (“Fools Gold”), “Wearing Nothing” is sure to be a global hit and hopefully put the artist in heavy rotation on both indie and pop stations.


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