KNGDAVD Release Anthemic And Catchy As Hell Tracks For All Audiences

Man we totally dig the music of duo KNGDAVD. They have a firm grasp on the electric pop sound that has saturated all musical platforms recently. They do so without being niche or cheesy, while still being able to have a tremendous amount of fun. The two members met in jazz school, and you can definitely hear their background in tracks like “Shame” which soars with clever lyrics, soulful melodies, and stadium sized anthems. This is a winning formula for what is sure to be a band on the rise. They share the confident pop sound of a Maroon 5 while still giving the rock crowd something to sink their teeth in. Past singles have reminded us of acts like Awolnation which is a very good thing. The intention behind their music is much appreciated and needed in the sea of musical acts that grows daily. These guys stand out in this or any era.

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