MisterWives Prove Their Talent on Dynamic Sophomore Album

Have you been introduced to MisterWives yet? If you have not, stop reading and stream their debut album that landed spots on The Late Late Show with James Corden and gathered millions of streams on Spotify. If you have heard the dynamic indie pop group, then you already know their deep talent. The gang is back with a boldly confident sophomore release Connect The Dots, which came out earlier this month. Fans of Paramore are sure to find similar vibes to fall in love with but as much as the two acts are the same, they are also light years different. Their surprising youth makes way for a refreshing pop maturity that is not usually mastered until a few more releases in to a career. Their strength is their band chemistry that again, years from what we are use to at their career stage.

I was first introduced to them when they opened up for Twenty-One Pilots and was totally captivated by their criminally short set. Their exuberant sound led by charismatic Mandy Lee has something for every listener and this undoubtedly explains their rise in popularity. It doesn’t need to be explained as much as listened to. Those who like to mentally check out will find a groove to love and fade into, while those who appreciate clever lyrics and bass lines will find themselves as instant fans.

The act are currently on a headlining tour this summer and trust us, they are even better live.

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