Former Walk the Moon Member Blazes His Own Trail With Powerful Indie Pop Vibes

New York musician Yoke Lore has slowly released singles over the past few weeks. Each one delivers a powerfully crafted sound that is sure to connect with a large audience. His EP Goodpain drops officially on June 16th but we have the title track for you today. It is mix of Matt and Kim style soaring pop and the indie convention of the likes of Whitney. Adrian Galvin, the man behind Yoke Lore, is no stranger to the indie pop stage. Previously he worked in Yellerkin and Walk the Moon. In this track, we hear many influences of some of the most creative and emotive acts on the scene today. He is confidently able to weave in and out of genre without going off the rails into obscurity.

It’s necessary to go through periods of pain or difficulty in order to find growth and betterment.” Says the artist explaining “Goodpain” This song is about striving for a bigger perspective on life in order not to feel bound by your circumstances. But it’s more than just “look on the bright side.” Things move in cycles; they’re necessarily constantly shifting. If there is no change, there is no growth—however, this can sometimes be downright painful. It’s important to find balance between knowing who you are while keeping in mind that there’s always growing and learning to do.”

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