Colin Bullock: Canadian Songwriter Channels Phil Collins and John Mayer With His Unmistakable Sound

We get tons of music submitted to us. That is an understatement. We get close to a thousand songs submitted each and every month. Because of this, we make rather intricate list of who we want to cover and when. Also because of this, we get burned out at times. We, like you, live for that next great musical discovery that fills our soul enough to keep the noble task of covering undiscovered artists up. Canadian singer songwriter Colin Bullock is one such soul-refreshing artist. On the surface, there is no flash or gimmick to sucker listeners into liking him. His strength is simply his ability to, like the title of his single, hold us up no matter what sort of day we are experiencing. We originally put a note by his name on first listen “reminds me of Phil Collins”. Now I don’t know how that statement hits you, but it is of the highest praise for us. That man is a national treasure in the greatest of sense. Bullock definitely has the same penchant for throwback sounds and infectious choruses. Listeners might also hear a little John Mayer in his authentically beautiful sound.

He says this about his new single: “Often new songs visit me while I sleep but it’s not often I manage to catch them when I wake up. This song came to me in a dream. I woke up straight away, grabbed my guitar, turned on voice memos on my phone and recorded what I’d just heard. I played a whole 4 minutes with three verses and a chorus without even knowing where the song was leading to. I just felt it out the way I had heard it in my dream. I see this song as a call for unity and community, ‘Let Me Open and Hold Me Up’ means, allow me to be free and to be myself…to be open and honest and support me as I do this. I think we all need to accept and embrace each other now more than ever and I wanted this so to send a hopeful and positive message.”

His forthcoming album is due out in September and is being produced by Ashwin Sood (Sarah McLachlan, Delerium). There are certain artists who have an incredible talent of drawing you in to experience their perspective on life and love. Colin Bullock is this type of artist.

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