The Top 4 Benefits to Wearing in-ear Monitors As a Drummer

In-ear monitors are used by many musicians and performers to listen to their music while on stage. Different types of musical performers may use in-ear monitors for different purposes. Singers, for example, will use an in-ear monitor to isolate background noises in order to hear their voice clearer, as well as prevent other issues that could hinder their performance.

Many musicians choose to in-ear monitors because they help provide the best audio quality and because they are superior to monitor systems which are often prone to malfunctioning.


For drummers, in-ear monitors are vital to ensuring hearing protection and good coordination with other musicians on stage. This is the reason why in-ear monitors are becoming increasingly popular among many drummers today.


We bring you the top four reasons why drummers should consider using in-ear monitors to improve their on-stage performance.


Noise Protection


Hearing protection is very important for professional drummers exposed to the risk of hearing damage. Technological progress has made it possible to achieve very high volumes and that poses a risk for performers.

In-ear monitors will do a better job at protecting your hearing and isolating you from stage noise which can also prove distracting. Using earplugs to protect from noise may not be enough, as even the best earplugs are often unable to really protect from noise and hearing damage.  

This is the number one reason why professional drummers should consider using in-ear monitors, as they are the only effective mean of protecting their hearing.


Volume Control


One of the biggest benefits of using in-ear monitors is that they let performers have total control of the instruments they want to hear. The volume can always be adjusted to according to your preferences. It’s a great thing for drummers who want to work on improving their performance.

Of course, the biggest problem when performing live is the background noise and lower sound quality that it causes. In-ear monitors can greatly improve the sound quality by controlling the volumes.


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Personalized Monitoring Experience


Most in-ear monitors come with the option of stereo monitoring which may prove quite useful in many situations. In addition, using in-ear monitors will help you have better control of your performance and make it easier to coordinate with other musicians.

It is a perfect solution for drummers who want more control.


No Wires


Dealing with tangled wires can be a nightmare. It often makes life harder for musicians on stage.

Another thing is that stage and floor monitors are less effective and harder to use, while wireless instruments save time and do a better job of helping musicians monitor their stage performance.


Tip: Consider using in-ear monitors if you want to protect your hearing, isolate from background noise, and have more control of volume levels.


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