5 Tracks We Fell In Love With This Week

Phiilth – “Anxiety”

This LA singer songwriter has an art for working out his anxieties within his sound. This track illustrates the battle within inside his heart soulfully and hits sounds as diverse as Hozier and D’Angelo. Not much information is out of there on the breaking artist, but we have an inside track that tells us he is planning on releasing a series of singles as slowly as his crooning style.

Juanita Stein – “Dark Horse”

This stunning singer songwriter breaks through multiple genres to form a sound truly her own. Her Lana Del Rey vocals play from confident crooning to gentle whisper complete with a Chris Isaak style guitar that makes the track whole. There is an enduring vintage flare for classic America in her sound. “This record is an ode to the dark heart of America. Of times gone and times to come. Dusty trails, a whimsical 50s suburbia and the haze of the 1960s. I’ve forever idealised American life – growing up in Australia we were fed the American dream through film and television. The dichotomy between what was real and a dream is forever intriguing to me. The music of Roy Orbison, Dusty Springfield, Lee and Nancy and Patsy Cline all informed my musical sensibilities. They opened up this wide screen universe for me.” Explains the artist. Her debut album is due out in late July on Nude Records.

Current Swell – “It Ain’t Right”

This Canadian act weaves a tight tapestry of indie rock that transcends the preference of many fickle fans. They recently released their When to Talk and When to Listen album, which was produced by Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, Tom Waits, Norah Jones). They have a growing fanbase in their homeland that attached their 2014 release Ulysses. We think their sound should have no problem resonating in the states.

First Blush – “Wouldn’t We All”

This is a piece of slow burning lo fi rock magic. First Blush is a project of Charles Sekel who went to Julliard before he became the musician he is now. His soon to be released EP Monologic is sure to give you all the feels that come standard to his dreamy pop sound. The release tackles his habit of self-destructive behavior and alcohol abuse. If this music sounds like therapy, it’s because it is. The artist has found a way to beat the all too familiar end to these stories by creating a solid piece of vulnerable artistry in the highest order.

Emma Elisabeth – “Kiss of Gasoline”

It is difficult to mention only one thing we love about this young songwriter. Her vocals are something smooth but incredibly authentic while her sound blends pop, country, and the sound of New York effortlessly. The artist who currently resides in Berlin has this to say about the track:  “This song has been messing with me from the start. I was at home in Höllviken looking after my parents house and I did an all-nighter. I hammered on my dads classical guitar and drank wine and wrote it in solitude . . . Then I re-wrote the melody, the lyrics, the middle eight, changed the structure, asked a friend to help me out. And in the studio we tried out so many ideas, changed sounds, arrangements, vocal takes. It’s a real bastard. But I love it. It’s another bitter sweet story of mine.” We are excited to see what is next for this hugely talented artist.

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