Over The Trees – Remarkably Uplifting Sky Rock From Oslo

Oslo five-piece Over The Trees is a rare find. We have shared a few tracks from the act as singles from their extraordinary debut have leaked out over the past few months. Recently the entirety of the album was released and wow! There are few bands that can shred through musical cynicism and frustration like these guys. Their soaring sounds build an incredible sonic landscape that is equal parts mature and spirited.


From the Sidewalk was recorded in various spaces to capture their signature sound. Utilizing their own bedrooms and living rooms they also made use of empty parking garages and even a local church. The result is breathtaking. The hopes behind the diverse scenery was to properly capture a more “organic reverb that’s surrounding singer and songwriter Elvind Frustøl’s voice.” His voice is particularly strong on the title track, which floats unrestricted into a new realm of meditative indie rock territory.

One of the things I appreciate the most about the band is their optimistic artistry. Many acts they can be compared to tend to dive into a darker more melancholy sound, but these guys seems to have an unmistakable way of making you feel better about the current state of your life and the surrounding world. “Things (Extended Version)” is the perfect example of this. It plays out like a prayer to something greater in a very U2 sermon style. Their discernment on when to restrain and when to unleash leads to rich and compelling tracks that have no need to stay within the three-minute radio boundary. “Become” treads similar ground amidst echoing guitar and a near perfect drum and brass.


“Dirt from Yesterday (Extended Version)” is remarkably ethereal and visceral striking chords with a variety of listeners around the world. They paint a wide and colorful world in just a few short minutes and remind you just what it means to be human in this ever-changing world.


This Norwegian act will force you inward with their style of reflective and deeply emotive sky rock. The sure to come buzz for this album is well deserved, the act has already gained comparisons to Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky while playing bigger festivals and supporting Ear to the Ground darlings Milo Greene. They have an intriguing sound that breaks with genre and holds up against any current act. These guys show a lot of promise.

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