The 4 Best Tracks We Heard This Week

Delta & Dawn – “Mine”

This duo is full of soaring melodies and uplifting pop hooks. Their dynamic sound has slowly been winning them fans and this is sure to continue as they release more pop crafted jams. Think Imagine Dragons or Bad Suns. While we wouldn’t declare our unwavering love to indie pop, this is a sound that transcends preference and will melt the heart of even the most hardened of listeners.

Astral Cloud Ashes – “Lites”

So one of the most influential albums in my life has been The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me from Brand New. This is important to know because my interest is automatically peaked when we find an artist that treads on similar ground. This act, the project of Jersey native Antony Walker, is a fragile mix of religious overtones and clever existential longings, which are trademarks of Brand New as well. “Theres some occasional references with religious undertones too. Some lines relate to my Catholic upbringing and existential guilt. It’s cathartic to let these neuroses out in lyrical form kind of like an exorcism” explains Walker. This is the last single off of his debut under this moniker Too Close to the Noise Floor. If you, like I, dig these song topics and deep song structures, then look no further.

Sheafs – “Mind Pollution”

I don’t want to die, I want to live for a cause” sings the charismatic front man of the outstanding DIY punk act Sheafs. This is an incendiary track with an extraordinary message that illustrates the tension between being young and idealistic. Many rock tunes have lyrics that fail to go deeper than the guitar solo in the middle. The strength of this band is their ability to punch you in the face with their overwhelming rock sound while delivering some of the most pertinent and urgent lyrics we have came across recently. Confident and explosive, this style of dirt-rock will resonate with punks as well as fans of acts like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Kick The Robot – “Give Up Give In”

So I would be remised if I didn’t state how much I love this band name. Honestly, it doesn’t describe their sound at all but damn is it cool, much like the band. The GA three-piece has the perfect blend of Queen style melodies and Rolling Stones type country rock swagger. To say we love these guys is an understatement. This is the newest single from their second release and the gang keeps maturing in their sound. Not trying to do too much or peak too soon, this track is something special. The similarities to other more refined acts will come rushing into your ear buds almost immediately.

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