5 Outstanding Atmospheric Artists to Fuel Your Tuesday

LPX (Lizzy Plapinger of MS MR) – “Tremble”

There is an incredible raw energy on this one. The aggressive confidence in this punches our souls in the best of ways. She not so delicately bounces from pop sensibilities to Hole style alt rebellion and the listener benefits from such blatant disregard of genre and safety. Her band MS MR is currently on break and this has allowed the artist to branch out in sonic exploration. Plapinger is already somewhat of a legend, being responsible for Neon Gold Records who have worked with acts like Passion Pit, Haim, and Ellie Goulding. Her resume alone demands a well-deserved listen.

Haux – “Touch”

This one is simply a piece of catchy downtempo goodness that will give you chills. His dreamy electronic style is sure to draw comparisons with James Blake and Jack Garratt and if you dig these acts, you are sure to appreciate the sound of Haux. However, he has pop leanings that stick with you and a soulful delivery that will both break and mend hearts. He has released this track to help promote his debut North American tour that he currently is on. Check him out and let us know what you think.

King Shelter – “LuvSub”

There are more than a few reasons to love this LA band. They have a refreshing and unique sound that breaks through the monotony of the LA rock scene. The vocals remind us of equally respectable act Cage the Elephant but their sound travels between shoegaze and pop rock while other tracks remind us of The Police and more pop punk. They recently released a small EP and are in need of exposure – and these are the kind of acts we dig. Their sound surpasses their exposure currently and we believe this will change. Check out their refreshing sound and show them some love.

Pole Siblings – “Ghosts”

If you want soaring atmospheric vibes, look no further than the Finland act. Made up of siblings, Sofia and Johan Stolpe, this track has special meaning for the group. Recently the duo lost their father and this is sort of an exploration of the drama and grief that this created. “Death is a very humbling experience. You realize you can’t hold on to certain things, cause there’s no one there to help you let go of your regrets, questions or pent up anger. Both of us are relational people, brought up having to find strength, and refuge, in each other. We had a strong need to go through our shared history of emotions and they couldn’t go anywhere else than into songs” explains Sofia. We are stoked for their soon to be released EP coming in June. Check out “Ghosts” and enjoy their blended and haunting sound.

Jaymes Young – “Feel Something”

The young songwriter is able to write tracks that transcend age and experience. On “Feel Something” he is able to display an artistic maturity that balances youth, disillusionment, and love trauma. His vocals perfectly complement his layered synth mastery. He has slated his debut album for a June 23rd release and is to include a track we recently covered, “Stoned On You”, which we think is the perfect millennial love song put to tight instrumentation. His exploration of relationships and the bigger picture of life is a rare find. You are going to want to pay attention to his sound now, before he explodes into the global consciousness.

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