3 For Thursday: Our 3 Faves of this Week

Livingmore – “Gone Too Fast” (One of our favorite tracks of ’17 so far)

This LA duo has a familiar pull to them. They craft indie jams that absolutely emerge you in their craft and consciousness. This particular track has everything you want from music. Accessible, creative, and relatable, the duo have something special that could resonate with a jaded audience this year with their soon to drop full-length. “Gone Too Fast” has a maturity in its lyrics that is refreshing. Exploring the monotony of life, it digs deep amidst fuzzed guitar and creative instrumentation. They will undoubtedly gain comparisons to acts like Matt and Kim but make no mistake; the group is set to blaze their own trail of catchy hooks and sing-a-long choruses.

Sunmonks – “Strength” (this track is yet to release, but don’t worry, we have something just as good)

Another duo, these California kids craft disco touched jams that will force the most modest of hips into gyration. “Strength” is an uplifting tale of self-reliance and has a knack for being immersed in the moment. The guitar solo in the middle is a nice touch and sets the track apart from what could become just another indie pop anthem. The songwriting is fun but potent and the instrumentation is unique and compelling. The final product is a track we can all get behind while we blast in our speakers.

Jaymes Young – “Stoned On You” (a millennial love song)

The thing that hits you immediately on this one is his vocals. A soulful and soul-crushing love song for the new age, lyrically it is simple but tight. There are a surprising amount of layers instrumentation on this one while maintaining its simplicity and showcasing the smooth vocals of the young crooner. If you are a fan of Hozier and London Grammar, then look no further. This track is a definite hit.

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