Rocker Moscow Opens Up on Playing in LA’s Most Iconic Bar and What it Feels Like to be Named One of The “Hottest Chicks” In Metal

We do not typically cover a lot of harder rock, but we are constantly asking how we can make for a better reader experience while exposing the masses to rising stars in all genres. What pushed us to cover the world traveling Moscow was her incredible story starting in Russia.  “In Russia, the market is dominated by cheap pop music. It is next to impossible for a rock/metal band to break out. I hung out with some really dedicated and talented people, they taught me not to give up,” She remembers. “They all thought I was older – I think I celebrated my 18th birthday for 5 years straight.” Starting off incredibly young, she has built a following that was increased as she moved and thrived in the LA Sunset Strip scene and moved listeners back to the golden days of rock excess. “In popular music, I believe it’s time to look back to our roots – the richness of Muddy Waters, the theatricality of Alice Cooper, the romanticized excess of Motley Crue – and combine what we learn from them with a 21st century outlook,” We got a chance to ask a few questions to the artist who has drawn as much attention for her look – which has given many publications a chance to objectify here – as she does for her honest rock work ethic.
Congrats on all the recent buzz. For the soon to be fans who aren’t familiar with you, how did you get started? When was it that you seriously decided to pursue music? 
Thank you. I’ve always been a performer. ‘All the world is a stage’ as Shakespeare once wrote. I got introduced to the rock scene at the age of 15-16. Looking up to those tatted up, wild and free coyote looking boys, I always knew I wanted to be one of them. Not just be around them, but be one of that kind. While all the girls wanted to be Pamela Anderson, I wanted to be Tommy Lee. After moving to Los Angeles, where I finally decided to settle down, I realized ‘it’s the time to put all my energy into my music career.’
You got to play the iconic Whisky A Go Go recently. Tell us, what was that experience like? Had you ever imagined being able to play there?
Whisky a Go Go is a legendary place I used to read about in books. Having my first showcase there is a privilege. But I always knew I was gonna play there one day and that that would be just the beginning. I don’t have dreams, I have goals. 
In music, but definitely hard rock, there can be a big emphasis on image. Different outlets have described you as the equivalent of a “hot metal chick” – does this ever frustrate you or do you just embrace it? I mean, is it shallow or just the business we work in and you are forced to work within it?
 Hottest, if you please. I love it! The look is a big part of me and my music. I am a woman, and I strongly believe the appearance of one is madly important. Sex was always a part of rock’n’roll. But it was always seen from a man’s side only. I never put on the ‘Moscow’ character. I AM Moscow. 
What were some of your favorite albums growing up? What is the most un-metal thing you secretly love musically?
Many things. Rock will always be my music of choice. But in my playlist you can find Disney OST, musical theatre acts, hip hop and even a couple of One Direction songs, which i’m not ashamed of – good music is good music. 
What elements make for a great rock album? 
A great band. The Message. The Look. Producers. PR. Work ethic. Charisma.
What would be the ultimate rock show? Where would it be and what three bands would play?
Motley Crue of the ‘Shout at the Devil’ era, Led Zeppelin, Linkin Park of the ‘Meteora’ era. I don’t care where as long as l have an AAA pass. That’d be one hell of a night.  
What is the next thing coming up for MOSCOW? Is an album in the works? Touring?
MANY things are coming your way. Look out for new music dropping really soon! All shows information is constantly being updated

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