3 Outstanding Tracks From Untypical Genres

Kero 1 & Azure – “Jazzhop”

If you read us a ton, you know we cover music pretty indiscriminately. Case in point, this track by old soul hip-hop rising stars Kero 1 & Azure. We typically don’t cover a lot of genres like this but damn it’s good. How could we not? It captures excellently what is so timeless about hip-hop. It is fun, creative, soulful, and has an extremely great way of pulling in the listener into the rhymes. It provides a Tribe Called Quest type feel layered with jazz infusions. They are an act who is sure to take listeners back to the golden age of hip-hop, and this might just be what the flooded genre needs.

Livia Blanc – “Amour Amour”

Again, this is not our typical artist but we could not help but to cover this. This is the dreamy debut throwback single from Brooklyn based French artist Livia Blanc. It is undoubtedly about love won and lost and that defies mere language. I am a closet fan of the creative style and fun of French music. If you have heard acts like Juniore, you know how incredibly affecting the style is. Don’t speak French? It doesn’t even matter. The groovy seduction transcends genre and preference.

Big Surr – “Alright”

Okay, so this is more representative to the main chunk of music we cover. It still stands out in all the ways great music does. Unmistakably surf rock; this one is a blast to listen to. “Since I met you, I’ve been alright” sings the Nashville act over a fuzzed pop structure. Their debut album “Business” is out now and you are sure to absolutely dig their take on genre. You cannot feel anything but bouncy after a track like this one.

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