Two Neoclassical Pieces to Help You Unwind – #MusicMondayMarathon

Neoclassical is an amazing genre. I think it’s some of the best blood pressure medicine on the market. I can put on a quality piano instrumental track and just about chill down right away with it. There’s so much power in music, as we all know, but the calming sensibility of these two tracks is phenomenal.

John Hilsen – “Paracosm”
-John Hilsen must have magic touch with piano keys, because the song is so subtle and soft. You can choose your literary image – walking on clouds, through a meadow, or perhaps along a placid beach – in any event the song creates a feeling of lightness and peace. I love this for reading or studying. It helps to calm me, of course, but also to conjure images of moments in my life that come from a place that only music can remind me. Lovely.

Yuri Vinogradov – “Elegy”
-Yuri Vinogradov’s style is contemplative and slow. It feels methodical and calculated, but it is also deeply moving as well. I can’t help but lean in a little closer and listen a little harder for the subtle moments as the melody unfolds. This is not the rollicking classical music you may be used to; no, this is a mysterious, multi-layered instrumental music that is simultaneously evocative and soothing. Like a fine wine, the bitter and the sweet mix together for a smooth and even thrilling sensation.

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