3 Foolishly Great Tracks For Your Saturday

K?D – “Lose Myself” (feat. Phil Good)

One of the fast rising electronic producers around, K?D is able to mix genres with catchy pop lyrics with incredible ease. This is the first release for the artist this year and features one of our favorite new artists Phil Good. This could easily be a summer anthem that calls the world to dance recklessly. One part love song, and one part commanding electro dance command, this is the real deal.

GallantHorn – “Somehow I manage to Always Disappear”

This Alabama three-piece has a mature flare for creating post-rock experiments that leave you feeling amazingly unhindered from the burdens of everyday life. Experimental and emotive, the band of course will draw comparisons to Explosions in the Sky but the difference is noticeable to the in tuned listener. This one clocks in at over six minutes but it never appears to drag. The band crafts a wall of sound that unfolds with urgency but no rush. It is difficult for an instrumental act to draw and keep our attention, but GallantHorn are able to do just that.

Dream Daze – “Memory Lane”

If ever there were a band name that captures the sound of said band, this is definitely it. Dreamy and affecting, it bounces between genres with labored intention. Listening to this track made me think I had nothing better to do – it melted away any sense of urgency. It has a shoe gaze approach to the sound of a band like The Strokes. It floats on like a memory of lost time and is an impressive release by a band that is young and rising.

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