#MusicMondayMarathon – Album Review – Troup – “Mercury and Gold EP” (NewMusicFriday Ep. 30 Winners!)

Do you like guitar solos, diversity of sound, and fun rhythm? Interesting lyrics? Cool harmonies? Good ‘ol classic rock and roll? Then Troup’s “Mercury and Gold EP” is just for you. I really had a lot of fun listening through this one. (And I’m gonna be honest…that doesn’t happen every time.) I like that they didn’t box themselves in and do the same beat and riff for every song like a lot of alternative rock albums do. They really understand that to tell a story that people want to listen to, you need a journey. Members Alex Troup, Evan Beigel, Graham Roby, Claudio Tristano, and James Jannetty really made a solid rock album.

The first song of the 5, “Always on Fire” starts you off with a strong rock sound. It’s what I can only describe as a “road trip song.” You know, a song you put on when you driving through the country with your windows down. You turn the volume up and know you’re in for a good ride. It’s a great intro to the whole EP and (much like the rest of the songs) really shows how good of musicians they are.

“Mercury and Gold” is the title track and really has some stellar guitar work. Vocally, it’s my favorite on the album. I love harmony, and the entire song is laced with a great lead vocal and harmony duo that echoes past rock and roll with a modern twist. Oh, and I really like the lyrics of the chorus! They’re easy to sing along with in a packed rock club.

“Breakdown” is the third song on the EP and it’s on the slower side. It’s not really “slow,” but it’s definitely more chill than the other rock anthems. It’s a great tune to break up the heavier stuff, but still very much rock with the stellar guitar riffs.

The fourth song, “Sensation” starts off with a clean guitar, then a country twang, and then a doo-wop organ! Boom! I love the old rock and roll feel with the interesting lyric/lead vocal to pack the punch. Overall, with lyrics, musicality, and vocals, this is the best on the album. It’s interesting, fun, and inviting!

The final song on the EP is titled “Rag-and-Bone Man” and if you want to dance, this is your jam. Rock, roll, jump, fist pump, sing like the crazy dude on the street corner…go for it! Having a bad day? Turn this song on and have it out. I love, LOVE the walking guitar chords, fun piano blips, strong vocals, and punchy lyrics. The EP’s journey ends on a positive and exciting note.

This is a well-produced, well-played, and fun EP. Good musicians making good music. Who can ask for anything more? Maybe claps. Or snaps. Those are still things people do on rock albums, right? Anyways, rock on, Troup. Rock on.

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