Saturday Feature: 4 Songs You Shouldn’t Live Without

Melvv – “Lifeline” ft. Dana Williams

We dare you not to headbob on this one. It bounces between a few different genres with a sheer confidence that is only matched by the airtight vocals of Dana Williams. Working with the rising electronic producer from Milwaukee, Williams might be known by some for being a finalist in ‘14’s Rising Star. While much of the electro pop genre sounds alike, this one explodes to it’s own unique beat and breaks much needed new ground.

Emmit Fenn – “Modern Flame” ft. Yuna

Take a 21 year old producer who has been stockpiling songs and beats, then add an incredibly sultry Malaysian singer who has worked with Pharrell Williams, G-Eazy, and Usher to name a few, and you have something special. “I’ve been keeping a lot of my music to myself for so long that I’m excited to finally show the different layers and genres of this project” says Emmit. If this is any indication of the quality of music bouncing around in his brain, then we are excited to hear more. It’s strength is in it’s ability to do more with less. Instead of pressing in melodies and unnecessary instrumentation, the young producer is able to keep it concise, and the result is something special.

Harrison Brome – “Body High”

If you remember, we told you this guy would blow up last year. We even included him in our year-end lists. Recently I found out Starbucks has played “Boy” off his stellar Fill Your Brains EP and felt vindicated. His “Sex Calls” was a Drake sized effort that left listeners wanting more. Now the young songwriter is back with a new track that has already been creating buzz from those in the know. Mixing dark and somber vibes with vocals that can only come form Vancouver, Brome is able to offer a fresh take on soulful electro pop that will capture listeners from around the globe. Don’t sleep on this one, or you’ll be sorry.  

Wayfarers – “Kings”

You definitely feel it on this one. The unmistakable sound of a hit single is roaring on this one. This indie pop duo is made up of two accomplished musicians who have honed their craft of writing catchy beats with surprisingly tight lyrics. Infectious and nostalgic, this one is all about record store style grooves. The duo is able to create upbeat and creative tracks that will appeal to listeners regardless of preference. While incredibly poppy, it also is mature enough to have a wide audience and transcend being a mere guilty pleasure.


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