3 For Thursday: The Three Best Tracks of This Week

OUTLYA – “The Light”

It is no overstatement for me to say that this one might just be my favorite song of the year. One part Coldplay and one part Black Keys, this is a scorcher of a track. It sweeps into ears like a rush of dynamic and transcendent sounds you are likely to fall in love with immediately. Heartbreaking keys accompany a raw and explosive vocal proliferation to craft a tightly wound blast of rock. Will from the band explains the track: “At its core, it’s a song about self-belief and finding the strength to overcome in moments of loss and fear. It’s a call to arms from a desolate desert island. When we were recording The Light, we were referencing early Stones Throw records and the Black Keys amongst others. Songs that had a real undeniable air of confidence. We wanted our first song to capture some of the same swagger.” We can’t wait to hear more.

Crystal Cities – “Who’s Gonna Save Us Now”

Their debut EP of the same name is an intriguing mix of dreamy pop and dark indie that would make The War on Drugs blush. This is exactly the kind of emotive art we dig and crave. It’s relentless drum and bass carry this track into a new ground that sets it apart from their peers. This Australian act knows how to stay in their lane while still being both dynamic and groundbreaking. The sound they create becomes deeper with each listen – and you are guaranteed to want to listen to it multiple times. Judge for yourself.

Young Earth – “Got A Secret”

This surprising Irish act has a knack for creating high-energy tracks that are as catchy as they are biting. They have shades of Arctic Monkeys in their songwriting and vocal structure but also have some very unique elements. They will make you feel summer vibes on this one complete with a vintage sound that will captivate even the most trendy of rock fans. This is their first single of the year, and if it is any indication, they could be in for a big year.

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