Four of the Most Outstanding Tracks We Heard This Week

Crywolf – “Weight”

This talented artist shook us to our core when we came upon his Skeletons EP, due for release on March 10th. His creativity and highly relevant sound has won fans throughout media outlets as more of a dance hit creator, but his current sound finds the artist in a more emotional, acoustic style. He explains his new single this way: “The process of growing as an artist is, in my opinion, a task of digging deeper and deeper into yourself. Striving to become more vulnerable and honest, with both yourself and your audience. As I’ve been trying to open myself up more, certain songs have come out of me that simultaneously terrify and excite me with their vulnerability. ‘Weight’ is one of those songs, one that came out of a spontaneous burst of uninhibited honesty… and in a way, it’s self-descriptive. It’s about the complex feeling of wanting to open up to someone, but also being terrified of giving parts of yourself away.”

Katelyn Tarver – “Love Me Again”

There was a reason this was released on Valentine’s Day. The singer songwriter has a knack for deeply effecting love songs. “Love Me Again” takes the unique approach of documenting the ups and downs of a lasting relationship. She beautifully reveals the truth of love and it’s constant trials and victories. For her new single, off her soon to be released Tired Eyes EP, she teamed up with Ludwig Goransson who has worked with such diverse acts like Childish Gambino and Haim. If this track is any indication, listeners are in for an Ed Sheeran style heartbreak album.  Deeply moving and delicate, her tracks might just be what your heart needs.

Luxxury – “Feel The Night”

If you dig the funk sounds of Daft Punk, then look no further. This vintage disco sounding act is ready to make the masses dance with intricate vibes, catchy hooks, and intriguing vocals. Recently there has been a pull toward this direction in a lot of music, but Luxxury never sound like they are going with the trends or trying to be something they are not. This is incredibly authentic, even in all of it’s throwback glory.

JAKL – “Shadows”

The shadows this singer songwriter casts with his enveloping sound and haunting vocals, loom large on this one. The London based artist was championed by many for his Glastonbury performance in ’15 that labeled him an emerging talent to watch closely. This single showcases the potential he has for crossing genres and challenging musical sensibilities. We swore we heard a little Jeff Buckley in his voice on “Shadows” and cannot wait to hear more from his immense talent later this year.

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