Must Hear: Four of the Best Tracks We Heard This Week

Dan Miz – “Let It Go”

This talented multi-faceted artist is deeply entrenched in the NY scene and continues to hone his craft on his newest project. “Let It Go” is a thinking man’s electro pop jam of many layers and intellect. We got hip to his sound after watching a quick behind the music video he posted on his philosophy to making music. Dan might just be the real deal and his deep knowledge of the craft comes from his life long inclination toward music – he is said to have mastered the piano, guitar, and uke by age 11. He touts a sophisticated and unique sound that is sure to win fans of all ages.

Danny Starr – “Elixir”

Sometimes multiple rugby injuries are a blessing in disguise. This English artist was forced from the sport and drawn to his back up love of music. His interesting mix of folk, pop, rock, and even blues reminds us of The Kooks and the Arctic Monkeys and may make you forget that he is only 18 years old. “Elixir” is a piece of rock perfection in many ways. It’s catchy, creative, and fun. His last EP has drawn the attention of BBC and his newest EP is sure to find the young songwriter even more success.

Dana And The Wolf – “Another Friend”

You’re going to have to listen to this one first. Deeply emotive, it doesn’t progress along the all too familiar pop playbook and smashes musical sensibilities. Folks like NPR and The Huffington Post have already touted them as something special and we agree. The LA duo has a way of crafting songs that surprise and comfort even the most difficult of souls. The vocals are haunting and the instrumentation is both epic and subdued. They don’t try to do too much and have a tight sound, but at the same time they expand what you believe electro pop should be. The end result is something special and one of our favorite tracks we have come across this year.

Over the Trees – “Dirt from Yesterday”

Speaking of favorite tracks, this one will stay with you long after it’s done spinning. One of our favorite acts of the past few months, they are releasing singles sparingly as they prepare to drop their much anticipated debut album From the Sidewalk later this year. Drawing comparisons to Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky, the Norwegian band’s ethereal and visceral sound is sure to strike chords in a variety of listeners around the world. They paint a wide and colorful world in just a few short minutes and remind you just what it means to be human in this ever changing world.

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